Why I Created This Blog

We've all heard about how a single marketing tactic helped a company go from nothing to "OH MY GOD! OUR SERVERS CAN'T HANDLE THIS TRAFFICE!" kind of growth.

Every blog. Every marketing platform. Every forum. This is all people share.

What happened to all the times when your strategy didn't perform? What happened to all the learnings from your mistakes?

I decided to share them as well. As open and transparently as I can.

What I Do

I'm Vikash Koushik, currently working as a Product Marketer at Zepel.io, a project management tool for product teams.

Right out of college I started my own startup, raised a small round and presented at The Mobile World Congress '15 in Barcelona.

Starting a startup helped me understand different aspects of a business including product building, positioning, understanding customers and understanding the market itself. I'd say it was a mini MBA course.

I soon landed a full-time job at an Accel Ventures backed early stage startup as a Marketer. I consider myself lucky to have been able to work and have fun with some of the smartest folks in India.

Along the way, I've collected number of skills, including:
1. Product positioning
2. Market research
3. Content marketing
4. Copywriting

If you'd like to know more in terms of raw numbers, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Get To Know Me Personally

On a personal front, I enjoy hitting the gym at least five times a week, eating clean food, playing guitar and exploring new places.

You can follow me on Twitter @svikashk to see it all in action.

Get In Touch

I find that meeting new people and listening to their stories has always been the easiest way to share and learn.

If you'd like to work with me, or just chat, get in touch with me.